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Monday, March 10, 2014

Meet HappyNotes and more...

Boatman Geller Retailer of Distinction highlight: HappyNotes and more...

HappyNotes and more... started as a home-based business and as the business grew, the need for online shopping arose. HappyNotes and more... wants to make your shopping experience as easy as possible and as fun as possible.


1. Tell us how HappyNotes and more... got started:
In 2006, we started selling some of my favorite paper items from Embossed Graphics. In 2007, we launched our first online store and added more lines. We have grown by leaps and bounds since.  We started selling Boatman Geller in 2011 and the items quickly became Best Sellers. 

2. What is your favorite part about being an online retailer?

The best part of being an online retailer and we can work as little as much as we need to. Since we are open 24/7, we appeal to a variety of consumers all over the country.

3. What is your favorite Boatman Geller item or top seller?

Our top selling BG item(s) are cell phone cases and desk calendars. Customers come back every year to get their new calendars and they make great gifts.

4. How did you end up in the world of stationery and gifts?

We ended up selling the stationery and gifts because they are so much fun to receive. I have always had a personalized pad or two on my desk since I can remember. They make people happy-hence our name Happy Notes and more...

5. What is your favorite color combination? 

Our favorite color combination has to be pink and green, but a strong second is turquoise and lime. 

1. Chevron Turquoise Cell Phone Case  2. Preppy Desk Calendar  3. Classic Check Cell Phone Case
4. Classic Desk Calendar  5. Kate Raspberry & Lime Cell Phone Case  6. ModernDesk Calendar

Shop for your favorite Boatman Geller items at

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