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Monday, May 24, 2010

National Stationery Show Shout Out: 1 of 3

Wow. What a show. We just returned from an amazing time in NYC to exhibit at the National Stationery Show. For all of you readers who could give a hoot about the drama that goes on behind the scenes - I hope you will appreciate the list of fab companies listed below.  (This post is getting so long I am going to do a few different ones) I will start out with the neighborhood - below are some of our wonderful neighbors from NSS '10...

Having fabulous booth neighbors at a show is essential. BG was lucky to be surrounded by a lot of love this show!

Simply Put by Ashley Woodman

Simply put, Ashley and her gang are as incredible as her products. I have always loved her look and was thrilled to be across the aisle and become friends!

PJ Invites

Now these are some fun folks! It was great to meet PJ and her cohorts and fun that they are just up the road in Chicago! PJ has a super fun, bright look and her new custom pet stampers were big hit at the show!

Cathys' Concepts
Neighbors both at NSS and here in Indianapolis this is a great go-to company for all your big day needs!  

Wedding Belle Favors

Sweet people and sweet products - Loved their Gerber Daisy Flower Boxes!

Inviting Company
A big booth with a lot of heart! They were generous in sharing cold drinks and even extra packages of super fun napkins at breakdown time! The above napkin made me laugh!

Poppies for Grace

This charming first timer traveled all the way from Australia! Kate who worked the booth was at the show by herself - it wasn't until day two that my sister Becky and I looked at each other and thought "bathroom break!" Sometimes you take something so simple for granted! Working a booth by yourself can be tricky!  Love the designs and "lolly bags". Everyone needs a lolly bag!

Imagine aisle after aisle of creative and friendly people! Stay tuned for  my next blog - National Stationery Show Shout Out - "Old Friends"!