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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make Your Mark!

If you're familiar with our collection, you'll know that we absolutely adore monograms! We love making our mark on something for the house, or on recipe cards that we share with friends. Monogrammed items make great hostess gifts, but we think you'll love them for entertaining too—especially our new beverage napkins! With so many personalized items, how can you go wrong?

1. Recipe Card in Mod Cherry Diamond   2. Elephant Large Lucite Tray   3. Charming Pram Navy Birth Announcement   4. Ann Tile Gray Foldover Note   5. Acrylic Note Sheets in Silo Leaves Raspberry   6. Wine Tag in Criss Cross Blue   7. Beverage Napkin without Icon   8. Bag Tag in Coral   9. Classic Square Stickers in Raspberry and Slate

Monday, September 26, 2011

In love with Illustration!

Hi everyone, it's Jane with my September post (barely made my deadline!) One of my very favorite things in life is illustration. I fell in love with picture books when I was little and to this day have my own library of my special childrens books. It's not just books that tug at my heart... I love illustrated paper goods (of course!), fabric, editorials, books, advertising, clothing etc.

Below are some of my favorite illustrators, their websites and links to some fabulous illustration blogs. Enjoy!

Nila Aye

Ed Fotheringham

Loraley Bove

Illustration Blogs
Ten Paces and Draw

"Ten Paces and Draw is a blog about collaboration and illustration. As artists we thought it would be fun not only to catalog inspiring work by others, but to start an ongoing illustration project to which we can all actively contribute."

Super fun stuff - my favorite series is on Harry Potter (see one of the illustrations below. Sketch by Francesca Buchko, final by Katie Turner)


Pikaland creator Amy Ng says this about her site, "Pikaland is a blog about living the illustrated life — an art and illustration blog that’s a collection of beautiful things and inspirations that I stumble upon on the internet that’s made/designed by illustrators and artists, and is updated almost daily". Amy has also created an amazing place to take online illustration classes - Camp Pikaland, "A virtual school for artists, by artists". I am currently taking a few classes (but behind in my homework - yikes!)"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

May your Holidays be beachy and bright!

We simply love the idea of sharing vacation snapshots as holiday photocards! This year we've added fun new designs to our lineup that we think are perfect for showing off your vacation pics! This is just a sampling of what we have to offer - view our entire collection here.

1. Azra Tile Turquoise   2. Coral Repeat   3. Cheer Dot   4. Polka Dot Ribbon - Raspberry and Navy  
5. Madras Patch   6. Bold Stripe   7. Happy Everything   8. Jetties Navy   9. Kate Raspberry & Green