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Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Giveaway goes to...

Congratulations to Colin Firth and The King's Speech! We have three Giveaway winners (Best Actor, Best Director, Best Picture). Thank you to all of you that posted - your comments were fabulous!

And the Giveaway(s) go to...

"I'm a fan! But I'm going to go old school........Bridget Jones's Diary!"

"Too funny but I just had a conversation in the car with my husband about how he resembles Colin Firth and how much I like the actor... was a roundabout way to tell my husband he's handsome!"

"Firth Fan Forever!"

Thanks again to all of you - your posts made Colin's win that much more fun!

Nicole, Holly and Mimi please email with your shipping address as well as your choices regarding the following:

Grand Border or Princess Crown Icon Notepad
Color choice for the border or crown (see our new Custom Catalog online)
Personalization information

ps. I used the random number generator at for the Giveaway winners - so fun and easy!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boatman Geller Giveaway!

Ok - this isn't so much a giveaway as it is a bribe. In my last blog post I asked if there were other Colin Firth fans out there... and do you know how many people posted back? Zero. I don't believe you! I know approximately how many blog readers we have and I am certain there are Firth Fans among you! I even spoke to a BG blog reader/Firth Fan at a party Thursday night and she said she felt silly being the first to post a comment!

Giveaway (bribe) Details
Tomorrow night is the 83rd Oscars Ceremony where Colin Firth is nominated for Best Actor. (Yay!) His movie, The King's Speech, has 12 nominations. My husband, and business partner, would not be too happy if I did a giveaway for every nomination, soooo....

I will giveaway a personalized notepad (see below) for the following WINS.

1. Colin Firth; Best Actor
2. Helena Bonham Carter; Best Supporting Actress
3. Geoffrey Rush; Best Supporting Actor
4. Tom Hooper; Best Director
5. The King's Speech; Best Picture

Five (!) potential Giveaway winners!

What do you need to do to be entered in this Giveaway (bribe)? Post a comment to this post or the post entitled "And the Oscar goes to..." and announce to the world you are a Firth Fan and proud of it!! (No need to be shy, not THAT many people read my blog!)

For every win in the above 5 nominations I will choose at random a winner from everyone that posts!

The winners will choose between our Grand Border or Crown personalized notepad (I was thinking regal). The super exciting thing for all of us at BG is that we have just switched to digital notepads which means you get oodles of choices. Winners will choose either design and customize it with 24 colors choices! (From our 2011 Custom Collection - in stores soon!)

Deadline? The start of the 83rd Oscars of course! (Sunday, February 27th 8:00 pm EST)

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

Colin Firth... I hope! So this post is not so much about the Oscars as it is about the talented Colin Firth. I have been smitten with this actor for years. It started with the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice (isn't that how it is for so many of his fans?) And boy was I smitten. I was new to Seattle (from NYC) and a new to marriage. My new husband had left town for the weekend and I found myself at the corner video store (think VHS) and went home with the first tape of Pride and Prejudice. I returned early the next day for the rest. Upon Greg's return he purchased me the set for my birthday and watched the entire production with me numerous times - how sweet is that? All my kids have seen it (I now have the DVD set) and I never tire of it.

I was thrilled to have at a chance to see him again on the big screen and was touched and moved by The King's Speech. While I am no movie critic, I was in awe of his performance. Even though it looks like he is a shoo-in for the Oscar, I'll still have my fingers crossed until they call his name!

Also of interest is the work of his wife, Livia Firth, a dedicated "eco-ist". She writes a wonderful blog for Vogue: The Green Carpet Challenge. The post about her Oscar dress is  fascinating - sounds like it will be lovely, and certainly one of a kind!

Anyone else a Firth fan?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notetotes & iPads & Kindles, oh my!

For those of you that follow us, I am sure you are familiar with our notetotes....Well, guess what?  Our notetotes fit an iPad or Kindle perfectly!  This wasn't something that was created intentionally (we launched notetotes two years before the iPad) but we think of it is a bit of "fun luck"!

(Please note: while our notetotes are heavy and well constructed of cotton canvas, they were not specifically designed to protect either of these products).

It was just so fun to get feedback from people letting us know how well the notetotes worked for their paper and electronic needs, we thought we would pass it along! We are also excited to have our notetotes in the Horchow catalog!  See what they have to say about this great product...

Convenient notetotes in an array of bright colors can be monogrammed as shown. Each notetote contains a stationery set in coordinating color. Set includes a pen, address sheets, 6" x 9" clipboard, five awning stripe foldovers, five diagonal-striped flat cards, 25 matching padded letter sheets, and 15 envelopes. Once emptied, notetote can also be used to hold an iPad® or Kindle.