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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Notetotes & iPads & Kindles, oh my!

For those of you that follow us, I am sure you are familiar with our notetotes....Well, guess what?  Our notetotes fit an iPad or Kindle perfectly!  This wasn't something that was created intentionally (we launched notetotes two years before the iPad) but we think of it is a bit of "fun luck"!

(Please note: while our notetotes are heavy and well constructed of cotton canvas, they were not specifically designed to protect either of these products).

It was just so fun to get feedback from people letting us know how well the notetotes worked for their paper and electronic needs, we thought we would pass it along! We are also excited to have our notetotes in the Horchow catalog!  See what they have to say about this great product...

Convenient notetotes in an array of bright colors can be monogrammed as shown. Each notetote contains a stationery set in coordinating color. Set includes a pen, address sheets, 6" x 9" clipboard, five awning stripe foldovers, five diagonal-striped flat cards, 25 matching padded letter sheets, and 15 envelopes. Once emptied, notetote can also be used to hold an iPad® or Kindle. 


  1. So cute!!!

    Did you notice- You were featured in PREP TALK this week:


  2. You all are the best! Thank you for your comments - and thank you College Prepster for the heads up about the feature in Prep Talk! A bit of sunshine on this COLD winter day!


  3. Love these! Now I know what I want for Valentines Day!