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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

Colin Firth... I hope! So this post is not so much about the Oscars as it is about the talented Colin Firth. I have been smitten with this actor for years. It started with the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice (isn't that how it is for so many of his fans?) And boy was I smitten. I was new to Seattle (from NYC) and a new to marriage. My new husband had left town for the weekend and I found myself at the corner video store (think VHS) and went home with the first tape of Pride and Prejudice. I returned early the next day for the rest. Upon Greg's return he purchased me the set for my birthday and watched the entire production with me numerous times - how sweet is that? All my kids have seen it (I now have the DVD set) and I never tire of it.

I was thrilled to have at a chance to see him again on the big screen and was touched and moved by The King's Speech. While I am no movie critic, I was in awe of his performance. Even though it looks like he is a shoo-in for the Oscar, I'll still have my fingers crossed until they call his name!

Also of interest is the work of his wife, Livia Firth, a dedicated "eco-ist". She writes a wonderful blog for Vogue: The Green Carpet Challenge. The post about her Oscar dress is  fascinating - sounds like it will be lovely, and certainly one of a kind!

Anyone else a Firth fan?

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