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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Superbowl Madness!

Of course, having been born and raised in Indianapolis and living here once again, we are huge Colts fans!  Here is a picture of our mom, Lynn Boatman, with Colts tight end, Dallas Clark!  Not only is she the #1 Boatman Geller fan, she is also a die-hard Colts fan!

 Below, Greg Geller (right) and our brother, Scott Boatman at this years first Colts playoff game at Lucas Oil Stadium!


It is so exciting in Indianapolis right now...everyone is wearing blue, office buildings are lit up and some of us even have blue manicures!  To those of you who are Saints fans, Good Luck...this should be a great game!  We'd love to know, who are you cheering for?

Jane & Becky


  1. I didn't know ya'll are in Indy...I am too! Go Colts!!!

  2. COLTS!! I'm a Tennessee fan and that explains it all - right?
    Peyton → college → Tennessee Volunteers → pros → Indianapolis Colts!! So you can see why we all love the Colts!! xoxo

  3. fun to find out you are here in Indy! Should be a fun weekend even with the snow...stay warm and Go Colts!

  4. Preppy 101...Good to hear you're a Colts fan too! I am wearing my Peyton jersey today for "Blue Friday" - Thanks for your comment and enjoy the game!