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Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's that time of year for me...the novelty of snow and cold weather has come and gone.  The spring catalogs and magazines have started to arrive and all I can think about is Spring Break (still 8 weeks away!)

Here in the Creative Department, we just finished our new Custom Catalog as well as our new Off-the-Shelf offerings and we are so excited!  Now it is time for a little spring cleaning and then onto creating products for our Everyday Personalization Program.


  1. Any chance we could get a sneek peek at some on the NEW products???

  2. Love Dean Martin! Thankyouverymuch!! xoxo

  3. BroncoMom - We are working on images to post to our Blog - we should have them for you early next week! Thanks for your interest...we have some great new things!

  4. Preppy 101 - We love this video! Now we're preparing for up to 8 inches of snow...