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Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Minute Halloween Costume!

Looking for a last minute and cute costume? Nancy Drew is the answer! If you can still pull off an above the knee plaid skirt, this costume is for you! It's quick, easy and you probably have everything in your closet. Its great for kids and adults! 

- Solid colored flats (penny loafers if you have them!)
- Bobby socks or tights
- Plaid skirt
- Simple classic shirt, button down or polo
- Solid color cardigan sweater
- Headband
- Magnifying glass, Composition notebook and a Flashlight

Even if you don't have all of the above, you can still make it work.  To test my theory on how simple and easy this is, I dressed our youngest up this morning. Charlotte loved being Nancy Drew!  We opted for tights over bobby socks and as you can see in the photos she refused to wear shoes - we'll have to work on that for trick-or-treating!  She wore a polo style shirt instead of a button down and then all she needed were the "accessories"! While I slightly cringed at pairing the black cardigan with a  pink, green and chocolate brown skirt, I got over it - I had to remind myself it is a costume! She loved the magnifying glass and flashlight... after all, how can you look for clues without them!

If you happen to go as Nancy - or encounter a Nancy over the weekend - please send us a picture!!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Nancy Drew would be proud of her youngest fan! Adorable.

  2. Love this! My 2nd grader is dressing up as Nancy Drew for favorite book character day at school tomorrow. I'm printing out an "N" monogram for her cardigan. ;)