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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Escape

With the way the economy is, many people are limiting their travel this summer. In fact, I've even heard the concept of staying home and finding something enjoyable to do around the house called a "stay-cation". Well, if a "stay-cation" is in your future or just some extra time, we'd like to introduce you to an author that will surely transport your mind to the wonderful land of Martha's Vineyard, Mr. Philip R. Craig.

Craig's widely known Martha's Vineyard Mysteries showcase his ability to capture every detail and transcribe them to his readers making you feel like you're right there. Although Craig passed in May of 2007, his large collection of books remains a staple in the Geller book collection and those of his adoring fans.

Craig's inspiration for writing a new mystery novel every year from 1989 - 2007 (except 1) went hand in hand with his love for Martha's Vineyard. His style of writing and his style of motivation make Martha's Vineyard Mysteries a "must" on the Boatman Geller summer reading list, because he inspires us to live our style.

What other summer reads inspire you to live your style?

Another post in two weeks,
- The Marketing Guy


  1. Is that MV? That looks so much like Brandt Point in ACK.

  2. It most certainly is. :-) However, if there is another place as beautiful as this lighthouse in Edgartown, MA we will have to go! Thanks for the comment!