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Monday, June 29, 2009

Alligator Advice

Our phone company recently made us aware of an international (expensive) phone call made from our offices in Indianapolis, IN to the Bahamas. As soon as we heard this we quickly searched our phone log and found the exact call. It was Boatman Geller's new Alligator, Mitch, calling our old Preppy Alligator for some interesting advice. We transcribed the conversation for your enjoyment below.

"Hey Preppy, it's Mitch! You know, Mitch-the new guy. Hey, I wanted to see if I could get a little bit of your time to ask you something? What do you say?"

"Mitch?... Oh, Oh yeah, Mitch! I like that name. Mitch Mitch Mo Mitch Bannana Fanna Fo Fitch Me Mi Mo... Yeah, I've got a little bit of time, but I'm having trouble hearing you over the music at Senor Frogs. What's up?"

"Thanks! Ok, here it goes... Well, do you remember summer time not really ever feeling like summer at Boatman Geller? I mean it's almost like we skipped my favorite time of the year and went straight to winter with holiday album this, and new holiday cards that. Will I ever get a summer?"

"As soon as you leave! Hahahahaha... This is the first time I've ever had an actual summer and it's amazing! That is why I'm in the Bahamas hanging with some of the most well known celebrity alligators in the business my friend. In fact, here comes the one guy from La coste now. Actually, he doesn't look very happy. Oh boy..I should go. Gotta Run Mitch. Hang in there it'll be over soon."

Another post in 2 Weeks,
- Marketing Guy

Where do you plan to get your holiday cards from this season?

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