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Monday, April 20, 2009

Name Our New Preppy Alligator and Win!

Within 20 minutes of posting our Too many Preppy Alligators post on March 22nd, we got a direct message from TheNortherner asking us "not to get rid of the Preppy Alligator because it was her favorite".  Soon after that, several other comments supporting TheNortherner's viewpoint came rolling in.  Now, although we can't change the fact that we had to create a new alligator, we thought it was only right to award this promotion to the first person that commented, TheNortherner.  She was awarded the chance to reveal the new preppy alligator, and we wanted to award all of you the chance to name it for a chance to win our biggest personalized Gator Prize yet!

Visit TheNortherner's Blog to find out more, and we wish you all Good Luck!
Another post in 2 weeks,
- Matt, The Marketing Guy

PS - As always we welcome any feedback, so don't hesitate for a second.


  1. Oh la la! I just LOVE your blog. Xoxo-BLC

  2. I love your stationery...I just sent a shout out about your tent sale on my blog...check it out

    I'm trying to get some followers on my blog, so if you could pass it on to some BG fans..I would appreciate it!

    Love your products...can't wait to order more!

  3. Hi Angie,

    Thank you for your support for Carrie and Tuck as well as the stationery you purchased. We're very pleased you like it and will certainly add your blog to the ones we follow.

    Thanks again,
    - Boatman Geller

  4. Congratulations Finalists! Your names have been posted! Visit our facebook page/boxes tab to place your vote.

    Also be sure to become our fan to stay engaged with our latest collections by asking your opinion and advice on how to improve Boatman Geller.

    Thank you for your participation!
    - Boatman Geller

  5. How exciting! I think Mitch should win. It's cute, memorable and fits him perfectly :-)