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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too many preppy alligators

Sadly, the Boatman Geller preppy alligator has raised some eyebrows with LaCoste and has been deemed to be somewhat confusing when comparing it to the LaCoste icon. Today, we're honoring the retirement of a well noted figure in the Boatman Geller Collections , the preppy alligator. The gracious people at LaCoste have allowed us to run through of our existing inventory (rather than trash it), which gives our preppy alligator one more solid run at immortality. All preppy alligator fans, this will be your last opportunity to purchase any of our alligator collections with this image on it which can be found here:, so act fast while supplies last.

Now, after I became aware of this disheartening news, I spoke directly with Jane, the creator of the once infamous, now famous "preppy alligator" about her opinion. "I was looking to
express preppy... and having lived during the first alligator-is-synonymous-with-preppy phase
[see picture of Jane, right, from 1985], I was not following any trend by putting alligators on paper, but merely expressing my classic preppy style in a fun, Boatman Geller way," said Jane.

In closing, I'd like our readers to take a moment and remember the preppy alligator and all the good times he has brought us. Hopefully, our new alligator (to debut soon) will live up to these high standards.

Another post in 2 weeks,
- Matt, The Marketing Guy

PS - As always, any questions, suggestions, or feedback are welcome so don't hesitate to leave us a comment.


  1. oh im so sad that this pattern is being retired - its my absolute favorite! im going to have to stock up on more stationary asap!!

  2. This was a classic favorite of mine!

  3. Greetings "Cricket" and "a."

    Thanks for the comments! Although, a sad story, my hope is that I can raise your spirits. Our preppy alligator designs aren't finished for good, but merely undergoing improvements. Preppy alligator's little brother will be showing up on our collections very soon. In the mean time, please be sure to send his big brother out in style... your style that is. :-)

    - Matt, Marketing Guy.

  4. such a shame, but I can't wait to see the new gator!

  5. Oh that really is a bummer, the new gator is just as cute!

  6. We say.... pick on someone your own size! We've posted a little something on our facebook page: