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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pattern Spotlight: Chevron!

One of the reasons we love chevron because of its versatility! These bold stripes can be customized for all sorts of items. Sunflower cell phones cases remind us of summer and our holiday chevron is as festive as you can get! What's your favorite chevron colorway?

1. Chevron Ombre Green Address Labels  2. Chevron Pink, Navy & Lime Can Koozie  3. Chevron Sunflower Cell Case  4. Chevron Holiday Wine Tags  5. Chevron Blue, Orange & Lime Note Sheets with Acrylic  6. Chevron Chocolate Stickers  7. Chevron Turquoise Key Chain  8. Letterpress Folded Note
9. Chevron Blue & Red Bottle Koozie