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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nantucket vs. Manhattan - A Hometown Super Bowl

I jest! But really, this is the recipe for my perfect Super Bowl Experience. New England Patriots vs. NY Giants. Teams from two of my most favorite places. Two powerhouse teams - therefore no underdog to worry and fret about (that's a big issue with me - drives Greg nuts!) And last but not least, it is right here in my hometown!!

I was born and raised in Indianapolis - then set out after college to split the next 14 years between Manhattan and then Seattle. To see my hometown transformed into a Super Stage has been fascinating and exciting. The festivities kicked off last weekend and have been going full steam ahead this week. Greg spent last Saturday with the kids at the NFL experience (amazing) and with the unusually warm weather we loaded the kids up in the car and headed downtown last night to walk the Super Bowl Village. The zipline is pretty amazing - see the video below!

It was so fun to see the party tents still being set up for all the VIP celeb parties this weekend. It had sort of a pre-trade show vibe to it! Greg and I are going to parties Friday and Saturday nights so I will be sure to tweet any celeb sightings!

There is a possibility that we may even go to the game... beer + celebrity watching + Madonna at half time = Super Fun!

How are you spending Super Bowl Weekend?!

The zip line (from standing on the ground below - no ride for me!)

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