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Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Summer

The start of the school year always brings about a lot of purging and nesting. I am always motivated to dig through the old and make space for the new this time of year! My husband Greg found this old sketchbook over the weekend. I had forgotten how small I used to sketch. I also got a kick out of my doodles -  looks like my dreams haven't changed much through the years...

Nantucket-esque setting + friend + cocktail = excellent time!

Enjoy your Labor Day!


  1. Love the sketch! Happy memories of summer. I hope I can pretend to be the friend!
    The Mushroom Queen

  2. Hold onto that sketch for the cold days ahead. You will be quickly reminded of the warm lazy days of summer.

  3. what a wonderful summer it looks like you had. Hey I want to see that sketch book too! Back to school for us as well. I am ready! Have a great week!