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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

Well it feels as if I have been left behind in Indianapolis this past week as most everyone takes off for a spring vacation.
Top: Becky Boatman Volk (left) from BG showing her alma mater pride - go Butler! - and enjoying Siesta Key, Florida with friend Carrol Hannon

Bottom: Geller girls and cousin Zoe going through the Locks in Seattle on Uncle Matthew's oceanography boat

I have stayed behind with our youngest so that I can work on the upcoming new catalogs filled with fabulous new designs!

The perks?

- Living like I am single again (I think I am up to 5 empty coffee mugs in our master bath)
- Sharing cold beers with one of my best friends Jen who was in town from Chicago
- Watching Julie & Julia in bed with our 3 year old late last night (loved it!)
- Delicious warm and sunny weather!
- Having my Mom and Dad close by so they can help out with "babysitting" and just to hang out
- An unexpected bit of fun press... I'll post in my next blog!

Did you enjoy a spring break?



  1. I have come to the conclusion even though Spring Break has been over for us for a few weeks....Spring Break SHALL be a state of mind!
    Happy Monday!!

  2. I love the Spring Break state of mind! Now I just wish I was back on the beach - have a great day!