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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Sightings: 2 of 3

It's scientifically proven (by employees of Boatman Geller with children) that as the Summer continues the boredom level of children rapidly increases.

We'd like to share a short but sweet remedy for the bored child in your home that actually validated how important it is to us to capture every moment on the beach.

As much as you may think children on summer break don't want to even smell a book, they'll be attracted to "Wave" by Suzy Lee. In fact, I can almost guarantee all our parent readers will too. This visually stimulating adventure of a nameless charcoal girl will surely spark the memory of innocent adolescence for anyone. Specifically, it reminds us of the driving force behind Boatman Geller - to give you, our reader, the opportunity to revisit your childhood innocence, have "un-self-conscience joy", and live your style (even if it's not a wave and only for a brief moment).

"Wave" by Suzy Lee is available on Amazon

Another Summer Sighting next week,
- Marketing Guy

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