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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Do you salt your napkin?

Summer is here, it's hot, and we're unsure if there is a better way to cool yourself down than with a refreshing beverage. Even more so, we're unsure why people salt their napkins. At our most recent all-staff meeting, we got a little off topic and onto this phenomenon, which divided the room almost equally between salters and non-salters. In fact, the majority of the non-salters had never even heard of it before. Today's post is of extreme educational importance for both our staff and readers to determine if salting 'is' or 'is not' part of living their style. Here's what we found out:
  • The Scientific Explanation is a bit over my head, but it's rather interesting.
  • A Video of the trick actually performed was quite appealing to those who had never heard of salting a napkin before.
Ultimately, you be the judge.

See you in 2 weeks,
- Marketing Guy

Commenters, tell us if you're a salter or not. Also, are we missing out on any other stylish trends?


  1. I'm definitely a napkin salter. There's nothing like a cold, draught beer on a hot day - but it sure is annoying when you go to take a sip and get a good view of your napkin as well. A little salt on the napkin fixes this quickly!

    My question is this - has anyone seen someone put salt IN their beer? I've seen it a couple times and just don't get it...

  2. i'm one of the ones who has never heard of that before!! But I think i might just have to salt up next time i order my microbrew :) thanks for the tip!

  3. Alane - What does salt IN the beer do? I feel like we could be missing out.

    Julie - It's humbling to know we're not the only ones. :-) Let's us know what happens when you try it.

  4. It really does work. Never heard of salt in the beer though..just under it.


  5. Check out the second entry here on this page (THEY know their stuff!).

    Who knew there was so much "tradition" in putting salt in beer??

  6. Wow! Thanks for the insight. Now, I think we must put salt in the beer. Thanks again.

  7. I have never heard of this either! I thought I knew everything. Dang.