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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Did you win?

We were overwhelmed by the over 90 responses for our first giveaway! A big thank you to all who posted where they would take carrie and tuck!

And congratulations to our three winners: jess, maggi and jacqueline in atlanta. They will be receiving a carrie and tuck notetote in their color choice!

Mark your calendars...We are also excited to announce that will be going live tomorrow, August 1st! You will be able to see the complete line, current press and purchase your own tote!


  1. Jane Boatman GellerJuly 31, 2008 at 12:22 PM

    It has been such fun to see everyone's comments about our new carrie and tuck notetote! After years of working on this project I am thrilled to see it go live tomorrow! I hope everyone enjoys our new line!

  2. I am so excited! I write so many notes as a teacher, and the Carrie and Tuck notetote, will be perfect. I often write notes on the playground, waiting for my class, whenever there is a free moment! Best, Becs

  3. I finally got a peek and they it is perfect for school! - Now which colors hmmm? Becs

  4. I can't wait to get this and keep it in my car. Right now I have a plain old 4X6 pad of paper that rattle around in the car and gets trampled on under people's feet. This will be so perfect and when I am waiting in the carpool line (again!) I can scribble a note to my mother and make her day (say that in your best Clint Eastwood voice).

    Thanks, ladies, for making MY day!

    PS I chose PINK!